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Solo Presentation Collect Open, Saatchi Gallery, London 2018

Circle of Porcelain, is an installation of thrown and dramatically altered individual porcelain vessels on a circular plinth, each piece joined with a silver wire to create one large work. This quiet, personal work possesses a human sensibility, engaging with ideas relating to female physiology and issues pertaining to body politics. Using the measurement of Paraskeva’s outstretched arms to act as the diameter of the circle – the piece is a scientific table. By calculating the weight of her vital organs, the brain, heart, liver, lungs and kidneys – the necessary parts for living, the artist made 54 individually thrown pieces with the finest porcelain - from balls of clay to the corresponding weights of her body. The process included an element of damage, each vessel was treated to expose the fragility and vulnerability of the human body. Pieces were fired, yet left unglazed, and threaded together by a precious silver wire –this delicate connectivity suggests as a whole, we are much stronger.

Circle of Porcelain, porcelain, silver & enameled steel, dimension: 150 cm x 75 cm

Words by curator Samia Ashraf

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Form, Design Miami, Presented by The New Craftsmen Gallery & Crafts Council 2017

A collaboration by Sebastian Cox and Sue Paraskeva that seeks to interpret a traditional Welsh Dresser - Broken, Cleft, Thrown and Planed showcases the integrity of the materials and the relationships between ceramics and wood.

porcelain, silver wire, English elm and coppiced chestnut, dimension: 200 cm x 150 cm

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Collect, Saatchi Gallery with CAA Gallery, London 2017

An installation of four hundred and fifty altered porcelain vessels each thrown with 250g of porcelain; the weight of a female human heart. This new work is the first in a group of four installations that explores female mortality rates as a direct result of domestic violence. The installation groups finely thrown porcelain pieces whose forms are dramatically altered through the performative actions of smashing, dropping or throwing. The wall pieces are strung together in groups on fine silver wire. A vast mound of pieces occupy boxes and due to the overwhelming numbers created, they flow out onto the surrounding floor creating a moving installation commemorating these women.

Every Day Three Women Die At The Hands Of Someone Who Supposedly Loves Them, porcelain, silver wire, galvansied steel fixings, plywood box, dimensions: 400 cm x 300 cm

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Craft Emergency, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth 2016

Broken is an installation made up of over 60 pieces. Each individual piece was thrown with the weight of the human heart and lungs. Dramatically altering these unfired vessels references the human condition. Firing the work completes the transformation of the most delicate to the strongest porcelain.Dramatically altering these unfired vessels and creating installations by grouping the pieces, covering the floor and wall. Personal relationship trauma has had input into this developing body of work. The porcelain’s near destruction exposing our torn and smashed edges.

Broken, 60 porcelain altered vessels, dimension: 150 cm x 150 cm

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Ryde Community Clinic, NHS England, Isle of Wight 2015

NHS commission for Ryde Community Clinic; the new health and social care facility for the north-east of the Isle of Wight. The wall pieces are sited in the Main Reception Waiting area and the two sub waiting areas along the central corridor. The commissioned work comprises of four wall pieces which are inspired by my surroundings. One component; a diptych entitled The Beach, is a recreation of the shapes and interesting finds from the beach. These thrown and altered porcelain and stoneware forms bring a sense of calm which is something | wanted to convey. The public numbers of people these reach is in the region of 10,000 a year. | have had the good fortune to receive extremely positive feedback from patients at the clinic on how the work has helped to keep their attention away from their current situation and on regular visits to the Health Centre has helped to keep them mentally well.

Blood Cells, porcelain, birch plywood, dimension: 100 cm x 75 cm

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The Beach, 2 porcelain, birch plywood, fishing line, dimension: 200 cm x 100 cm

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Commission by Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth 2008

An installation comprising 100 porcelain discs, suspended to create sound and movement.

Christmas Tree, porcelain discs, fishing line, dimension: 50 cm x 100 cm x 300 cm

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ARC Craft Award, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth 2008

Throwing Rings, Wall installation, dimensions: 500 cm x 400 cm

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Arts Council Commission, Quay Arts Terrace Wall, Isle of Wight 2004

The brief was to create a landmark that would raise the profile of Quay Arts Centre and highlight its location, education programme and facilities. Unveiled on 1st September by the Arts Council.

Sunburst, 90 hand rolled porcelain panels, dimensions: 500 cm x 500 cm